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Since 1973, Hind Presses and Automation is serving the Indian press industry


Servo Electric Cylinders

Hind offers a complete range of electric actuators for assembly, automation and precision applications 

< Range 0.1 Ton to 100 Ton >

Servo Presses

Hind Servo Presses are positioned as most precise in the industry. Applications like precision assembly, stamping, forming are best done using Servo Presses. 

< Range 1 Ton to 200 Ton >

Hydraulic Presses

With an experience of over 45 years of building Hydraulic Presses, HIND has stabilized its designs and controls for various applications including forming, cold forging, deep drawing, bending etc. 

< Range 5 Ton to 5000 Ton >

Hot Forging Presses

With a horizon to supply the largest hot forging presses in the world, including open die and closed die forging presses, this field is  area of expertise for HIND. We provide complete solution for hot forging industry.

< Range 500 Ton to 80,000 >

Mechanical Presses

Hind provides complete solution including automation for high speed mechanical presses, metal stamping press lines, tandem press lines etc.

< Range 100 Ton to 2000 Ton >

Press Tools and Automation

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